Production and processing


Pasta is traditionally made using a bronze die to give it its shape. Many of today’s producers have switched to the cheaper plastic dies. We haven’t.


The dies that the pasta is extruded through give it a more hand-made appearance, leaving it with a rough texture that holds the sauce better. Pasta made this way is tastier and, for us, that’s what matters most.


In our plant, we use technological equipment to perform the same processes that housewives would perform by hand at home. For example, we have vibrating channels that essentially transfer the pasta to the next stage in the process while stopping the individual pieces from sticking to each other.


Pasteurization is an essential step. This process gives us fresh pasta that qualifies as a long-life product (over 60 days if kept refrigerated in its unopened packaging) and is safe from a microbiological, health and hygiene point of view.


Once pasta has left the pasteurizer and undergone a gentle drying process, it is carried through a cooling tunnel to reduce both the temperature and moisture content, so as to improve its shelf life. The pasta is now ready to embark on the last leg of its production journey, packaging.


Here at Fracaro, low value added processes are automated so that our workers are free to focus on the more critical stages of the production process, where the experience of a skilled pasta maker truly makes the difference. This is why we have metre upon metre of conveyor belts in our factory carrying the pasta where it’s needed, when it’s needed and how it’s needed, without ever having to be handled by operators.


How do we manage to ensure that each pack is filled with exactly the right amount of pasta? Using a complex automatic weighing system with different control methods. At this point, the weighed pasta is ready to enter the final phase of the production cycle.


Packaging the pasta means protecting it so that it reaches the kitchens and tables of consumers intact. We want our pasta to be good and natural, so we don’t use preservatives, instead relying on packaging that uses specific inert gas mixtures to keep it fresh. These gases don’t affect the pasta in any way, allowing the product to retain all its natural flavour and fragrance, while meticulous quality controls ensure that it meets strict health and hygiene requirements so end consumers can enjoy our pasta sure in the knowledge that they are eating healthy.


There are numerous choices we’ve made that have shaped the direction our artisan pasta factory has taken. The choice of bronze dies, which give the pasta a rougher texture as it is extruded so the sauce clings to it better. The selection of premium flours whose flavour is retained and further enhanced during cooking.


The careful handling of ingredients to ensure they lose none of their nutritional and organoleptic qualities. The search for packaging technology that would allow us to eliminate preservatives, thus delivering pasta packed with natural goodness. In all our 25 years, we’ve never tried to take shortcuts. Because we know that our commitment to giving you a food that is tastier and healthier always reaps its own rewards.